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Nativity scene

Nativity scene on the city hall's place.

  • 3 rue de l'Eglise 68140 Gunsbach
  • Everyday All day long

Cellar of Christmas : Wine Schoenheitz

Wine and Bredla tasting, beside the fireplace and the traditional Christmas tree - In French, German and English

  • 1 rue de Walbach 68230 Wihr au Val
  • Everydayfrom 09h00 at 12h00 and from 09h00 at 12h00


  • 1 rue de Walbach 68230 Wihr au Val
  • Everydayfrom 09h00 at 12h00 and from 09h00 at 12h00

Bredla workshops (Christmas cakes)

  • 22a rue de la République 68140 Munster
  • Friday from 14h00 at 16h00

Taste the Munster soup

  • Place du marché 68140 Munster
  • Saturday from 17h30 at 18h00

Christmas farm : Le Lameysberg

From Saturday 30 Nov 2019 To Sunday 08 Dec 2019
  • Lameysberg 68380 Breitenbach Haut Rhin
  • Saturday, Sunday from 11h00 at 20h00

Advent lights

Craft market with regional products and Christmas specialities. Eating on the spot possible.

  • Place de l'hôtel de ville 68770 Ammerschwihr
  • Saturday from 14h00 at 19h00

Nativities exhibition

exhibition of ancient and current cribs

  • 68140 Munster
  • Everydayfrom 10h00 at 12h30 and from 10h00 at 12h30


  • route de la Schlucht 68140 Stosswihr
  • Saturday from 20h30 at 22h30


  • route de la Schlucht 68140 Stosswihr
  • Sunday from 15h00 at 17h00

Christmas cellar: Initiation into the wein tasting

Discovery of wine-pairing through 6 wines and dishes match. Tasting of 10 wines and 5 appetizers.

  • 33 rue de Pfaffenheim 68420 Gueberschwihr
  • Wednesday, Saturday from 10h00 at 12h00

Painting and sculpture exhibition

From Friday 06 Dec 2019 To Sunday 22 Dec 2019
  • 12 rue Saint Grégoire Salle de la Laub 68140 Munster
  • Everyday from 14h30 at 18h30

St. Nicholas'market

St Nicolas Christmas market in Widensolen. Christmas decorations saled in little woodhouses. Visit from Santa Klaus who gives sweets to the children.In the streets there is animation like Christmas tales, music...

  • 15 Rue de l'Eglise 68320 Widensolen
  • Friday from 18h00 at 21h00

Nocturnal show

  • 68320 Widensolen
  • Friday Near : 18h30

  • 33 Grand'rue 68420 Eguisheim
  • Everyday from 09h00 at 19h00

Little Goblin's path

Little Goblin's path with christmas decorations and 17 christmas trees. Santa Claus box.

  • Place de la Salle des Fêtes 68630 Mittelwihr
  • Everyday All day long

Christmas market

  • 68230 Soultzbach les Bains
  • Saturday, Sunday from 14h00 at 19h00

Advent calendar

From Sunday 01 Dec 2019 To Tuesday 24 Dec 2019

The Advent calendar was made by a dozen people from the Valley Art Association of Munster, from the wishes of the municipality. Every day from 1 to December 25, at 6pm, a new table will be open. This year some of the panels...

  • Place du marché 68140 Munster
  • Everyday from 18h00 at 18h15

Winter landscapes exhibition

Painting and photo exhibition. By Dan Erny-beyl, Patrick Thiebaud, Sandra Ginglinger et Thierry Schoenenwald.

  • Château Saint Léon 68420 Eguisheim
  • Everydayfrom 10h00 at 12h30 and from 10h00 at 12h30

Advent concert

  • 68140 Munster
  • Saturday from 18h00 at 19h00