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Wiehnàchts Stewala (Christmas café)

Coffee in a traditional Christmas spirit of yesteryear, warm and friendly atmosphere that will allow you to take a warm break, around a chocolate or a mulled wine accompanied by the sweets of winter. An entire showcase is...

  • 6 rue du Conseil Hôtel de Ville 68230 Turckheim

Advent calendar

In accordance with Rhine traditions,a window of the calendar will be opened each evening. A ceremony with children and street-light lamplighters will open, for the audience greatest pleasur, an enlighted window reminding a...

  • Place de la Mairie 68230 Turckheim

St. Nicolas rides by in a horse-drawn carriage

St Nicolas will ride through the streets in a carriage handing out sweets.

  • 68230 Turckheim

St. Barbe's Day celebrations

In honour of St Barbe, the patron saint of Firemen, there will be a torch light procession to the Advent Calendar.

  • 68230 Turckheim

Saint's Urbain day

9.30 a.m. Mass for St Urbain, patron saint of winegrowers. 5 p.m., the young winegrowers will present the statue of the Saint in the procession for the opening of the calendar.

  • 68230 Turckheim

St. Lucie's Day, festival of light

Festival of Light : in honour of Saint Lucy, a procession through the town of youg girls dressed in white robes with a crown of candles on their heards.

  • place de la mairie 68230 Turckheim

Mass of the nativity

Christmas Mass to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus.

  • rue du Conseil Eglise Sainte Anne 68230 Turckheim